My definition and mission statement of a lifestyle shoot.

Lifestyle shoots are an exceptional, memorable way of capturing life's little moments. 

Instead of me providing direction and telling you how to pose, I let you, your partner and/or your families flow direct me and that helps not only me as a photographer capture the raw, paramount moments that are happening in the moment, but helps your family have a memorable shoot and have some time to unwind. 

To me, lifestyle shoots aren't those average "photographer-client" one-time deals where I shoot, tell you to give me some time and you receive the photos a couple days later. Once you are in front of my lens, you'll immediately see how big of a part family plays in my own life, and how I'll make sure you are comfortable when I am shooting yours.

Location for a lifestyle shoot can be your home, outdoors or just about anywhere you (and I) can travel - locally. 

I want to also make sure that while I am shooting you, you are comfortable with the location.

There is no limit to who or what can be in a lifestyle session:

  • Couples
  • Families of whatever number - I highly recommend you bring your furry friend (if you have one)!
  • Yourself
  • Pre-parenthood and Maternity

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